GM profitable again

No doubt this will deeply distress Mickey Kaus, the Tea Party crowd, and all the “conservative” politicians who were openly rooting for failure. Too bad there seems to be no political price to be paid for attempted sabotage.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “GM profitable again”

  1. The link goes to the wrong story, unless GM is selling IEDs (and marketing them as WMDs) in Texas.

  2. Don’t worry. Mickey Kaus will patiently explain how those “profits,” are, in his controversial (and therefore correct) opinion, actually losses. He’ll also remind you that he’s one of the few people brave enough to actually say what’s plainly obvious when you step outside the bubble: it snows when it’s hot. He’ll close by asking you why you have feathers instead of skin, and when you say that you don’t, he’ll just chuckle and shake his head.

  3. I’m sorry I read this, I had gone a long time without seeing Mickey Kaus’ name and now there it is again.

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