Global Climate Change Now

It astonishes me that even at this late date there are people, even reasonably well-educated people, who believe that climate change will not affect them.

A report from First Street Foundation and Columbia University tracking the loss in property values along the coasts of 15 East Coast states shows that economic losses are not only occurring now, but that the losses are being incurred by literally millions of people.

2 thoughts on “Global Climate Change Now”

  1. Agreed. I fear—like sleepless nights, cold sweat kind of fear—that we’re simply not equipped to really think about the magnitude of this problem. In this sense—I think climate change is like the risk of nuclear annihiliation. Even though we have achieved a level of scientific knowledge and power that previous civilizations could not have imagined—including the power to destroy ourselves—we seem to lack the collective capacity to understand what we have truly done—and thus to protect ourselves from ourselves.

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