Glenn Reynolds defends an outpost of black racism

Why is Glenn Reynolds unhappy that liberal radio is replacing black racist radio in New York?

The notoriously black racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam uses a column in the notoriously black racist and anti-Semitic Amsterdam News to object to the fact that the liberal radio network Air American is taking over notoriously black racist and anti-Semitic WLIB-AM in New York. Alton Maddox, the notorious black racist and anti-Semite (you’ll recall him, for example, defending Louis Farrakhan’s characterization of Jews as “blood-suckers”), agrees.

Glenn Reynolds, who loves denouncing the “moral rot of the left” because someone to his left has failed to denounce something, notes their unhappiness under the heading “Air America is being blasted for lack of diversity,” and concludes (having noted gently that he thinks Maddox’s column is “overheated”) “It suggests that Air America is doing some damage with a key constituency.”

Yes, it’s possible that Air America will cost the Democrats the votes of some black racists and anti-Semites. I think we can handle it.

I genuinely don’t know what Glenn is up to here. Certainly he’s not really sorry to see a radio station that used to have discussions about how “the Jews” were responsible for the Trade Center bombings go off the air. And certainly he’s not really sympathetic to Alton Maddox, the Amsterdam News, or the Nation of Islam. I can only conclude that his hatred of liberalism is so insensate that it has deprived him, in this instance, of his critical faculties.

[You have to read Maddox’s column to get the full flavor of what Afrocentric lunacy sounds like. There’s nothing especially offensive about it, unless you count the misappropriation of the term “genocide” for something so trivial: it’s just utterly silly.

For thousands of years, Africans had total and undivided access to the airwaves. Ancient Egyptians understood the principles of aerodynamics well before the Wright Brothers embarked on a very short flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, a century ago.

In communications, Africans were peerless. The talking drum allowed our ancestors to communicate from village to village. This was the forerunner of talk radio. There was also the healing drum. All modem communications are rooted in the talking drum. ]

Update Reynolds responds (without linking): he doesn’t approve of Maddox or the Nation of Islam. Right. We’re agreed on that.

I’m still trying to figure out what his point was, though. Shouldn’t he be praising liberals for their willingness to take on black racists?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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