Glaeser on Cities

This is an interesting read.  In this age of academic specialization, there aren’t that many versatile “athletes” who have something important to say about many topics.   I hope that he may be the next Secretary of State.  I don’t believe that an economist has held that job?  That’s unfair.

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

6 thoughts on “Glaeser on Cities”

  1. It’s … unfair? It may be many things (including either good or bad), but unfair isn’t one of them. Does fairness demand that certain government jobs be held from time to time by representatives of all academic disciplines? Even ones (like economics) whose relationship to the job in question is only indirect? There haven’t been any musicologist Secretaries of State, which I do find extremely unfair.

  2. Nor any professsional bowlers, or professional mathematicians for that matter.

  3. “I don’t believe that an economist has held that job? That’s unfair.”

    This is equivalent to the idea that businessmen should be good in government – proven wrong.

  4. Oh, goodness. Glaeser’s first big example of how great cities are for innovation is New York’s finance scene.

  5. Economists know very little about the world, a better choice for SoS would be… well, anyone. Over the age of 12, of course.

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