Gitmo torture rumor confirmed

… except for the bit about orders coming “from the top.”

… in every sickening detail except the claim that orders came “from the top.” And for those of us who hoped that the new Administration would be vigorous in undoing the cover-ups they received as a legacy, no such luck.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “Gitmo torture rumor confirmed”

  1. It is worth comparing this with Kevin Drum's two posts today on how the nasty unreasonable left won't give Obama any grace period before turning on him.

    Between this and the kow-towing to the plutocracy, why exactly is is that ANY decent American should feel much gratitude towards Obama? Oh sure, he's better than a Republican — and is that how low the bar is set these days?

    Obama has delivered on trinkets; he has NOT delivered on the two main issues that threaten to destroy America as we know — the lawlessness with which the federal government now runs its affairs, and the overwhelming power of money.

  2. Has any major news outlet carried this story? Looks more like a hit from the "drive-by media" if you ask me.

  3. Well, Bux, that depends how you define "major news outlet." It's been covered widely outside the US (e.g., in the UK, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Independent all had articles today). For some mysterious reason, it's not been as widely covered in the US media, though the AP did a story immediately (

    I admit it's a bit puzzling that the same US media that uncritically reported the Bush administration's claims about "suicides" seems to be reluctant to discuss the possibility that they weren't actually "suicides".

  4. I know that, by "drive-by media," Bux means a small, disreputable outlet, as opposed to the mass media. Let's put aside that blogs are often better at providing the news than the mass media, because they do not have a vested interested in protecting their access to people in power, and, therefore, for example, unlike the New York Times, will use the word "torture" to describe torture even when it is committed by the United States government. Let's just ask whether "drive-by media" makes sense as a metaphor to convey what Bux wants to convey. It does not. "Drive-by" means, "an act, such as a random shooting, performed from a moving vehicle." Bux's only reason for using the metaphor is to make an unsupported slur against blogs.

  5. Actually, the story was reported in Harper's Magazine, an old-fashioned print publication (though you can read it online too).

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