Fusion-ticket dept.

Why not McCain-Clinton?

Since there obviously won’t be a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket &#8212 impossible, given that Clinton doesn’t think Obama passes the “Commander-in-Chief threshold” &#8212 Mark Karlin of BuzzFlash has an alternative:


A ticket needs both balance and coherence. McCain-Clinton has both. On gender and geography, the two are perfect complements. On a deeper level, they’re closely compatible:

Vetted? Check. (She says so herself.)

Ready to be Commander-in-Chief on Day 1? Check. (Ditto.)

Lots of DC experience? Check.

Multi-millionaire? Check.

Willing to be surrounded by lobbyists? Check.

Survived financial scandal? Check.

Supported Iraq war? Check.

Voted to sabre-rattle against Iran? Check.

Mostly against torture, more or less? Check.

Ran scary “It’s 3 am, the White House phone is ringing” ad? Check

Anyway, don’t they make a cute couple?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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