Fun and games

Conservatives fight about who gets to captain the Titanic.

The only thing more amusing than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is fighting about who gets to be Captain. It’s so wonderful to see a bunch of Republicans acting just like Democrats!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Fun and games”

  1. There’s something interesting going on here that I think both liberals and Democrats (of which I am both) ought to take seriously. There’s a substantial part of the Republican Party that prefers Todd Akin to Karl Rove, and they are frequently getting their way.

    I propose that liberals can learn two things from this:

    -To be effectual in democratic politics, you need to assemble voting majorities. If the Democratic Party doesn’t agree with your views, but it’s closer than the Republicans, then you work to bring the Democrats – again, the people most sympathetic to your outlook – around to your views and your candidates.
    -As a liberal, you don’t shy away from intra-party conflict with Democrats. The more extreme elements on the Right want to collapse the American economy and foster tolerance for rapists. Now that’s a pretty tough sell, but they’ve made real progress, and they’ve done it by being willing to challenge their fellow Republicans in primaries.

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