Frist sides with the terrorists

… calls for bringing “people who call themselves Taliban” into the Afghan government.

Bring “people who call themselves Taliban” into the Afghan government? Oh, yeah. That should go over well with the base, don’t you think?

Those reports about high lead concentrations in the DC water supply must be true.

Update He’s backing off now, of course. But note that he says he was “quoted out of context” not “misquoted.” I can’t imagine any context in which incorporating “people who call themselves Taliban” into the Afghan government would be anything but a disastrous idea.

Second update Glenn Reynolds, obviously exhausted by his brief flirtation with reality, accepts Frist’s “clarification” as proof that the AP got the story wrong, rather than that Frist pulled his hand back quickly after touching a hot stove.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Frist sides with the terrorists”

  1. Mark,
    "Obviously exhausted by his brief flirtation with reality…" You're quite funny sometimes. Ages ago you said something about the GOP figuring out that Jews are damn near as good as white folks and I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter.
    S. Spade

  2. Doesn't anyone bother to tape these guys?
    Anymore, you really do need a flow chart (as TPM suggested re GOP misdirections in Foley fiasco) to keep track of Republican statements, actions & inactions and their machinations to avoid accoountablility for them when the public gets wind of what's happening.
    Isn't the reporter available to clarify the issue?
    My guess is that bonehead Frist made the statement, then realized he had just all but surrendered to OBL …
    and then realized that endorsing OBL's kissing cousins for the Afghan parliment is about the only thing (other than rescinding a taxcut) that might outgrage the base more than covering up the homosexual advances of a Congressman towards under-aged teenagers.

  3. Weird to imagine somebody with Frist's impulsive thinking and speaking problem going back to heart surgery.

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