Freeman Dyson

… is not a climate-change denier, but has doubts about how bad the impacts will be.

Just back from Freeman Dyson’s Marschak Memorial Lecture; I hope to have a videotape and text up next week. Clearly both a very powerful mind and a free, playful spirit.

At lunch, he was asked about the NYT Magazine piece and said it was mostly wrong. He doesn’t doubt global warming or human contributions to it; he’s dubious about estimates of damage, especially if (as he thinks) the overall effect of warming is to reduce extremes of cold (diurnal, seasonal, and latitudinal) rather than increasing temperatures when/where it’s already hot. He regards sea-level rise as the biggest threat, but also believes that he oceans have been rising at about 150cm per century for the past 10,000 years.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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