Freedom and Influence

I am happy to report that the RBC blog can be accessed in China.  I flew here solely to test this hypothesis.  While neither the Legal Planet blog  nor any “blogspot” blog can be accessed, the RBC blog is available.  Is this a puzzle?

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

6 thoughts on “Freedom and Influence”

    1. Evidently we do not have Communists in sufficient numbers to irritate the Chinese. I know I speak for many here when I say that this has been a crushing blow to my self-esteem. I am, frankly, ashamed that a blog where I spend so much time commenting is viewable in China. Let us vow to redouble our efforts in support of trade unionism, environmentalism and democracy until the Chinese are forced to block us and we can again hold our heads high.

  1. Legal Planet is wordpress. Blogspot blogs are blogspot blogs, obvs, so they’re blocking those whole domains. is a very small domain, so the Great Firewall hasn’t noticed you.

    Post something critical of China and have it go viral there and is gone from China.

    [‘Not that anybody would notice at this point.’]

  2. You are plenty annoying but you are annoying in the wrong language. China is an insular society in a way that is difficult to comprehend coming from the west and less than 1% of the population speaks English with any fluency. Even with 100,000+ net cops and presumably higher English fluency among them that still leaves only a few thousand to police the entire English web. Start posting in Putonghua and I’m pretty sure the blocks would come down quickly

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