Fred Thompson and Watergate

What was Thompson’s role in, for example, the attempt to destroy John Dean? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now that it looks as if all three of the “first-tier” declared Republican Presidential candidates are going to self-destruct before launch, the best bet to get the nomination would seem to be former Senator, actor, and lobbyist Fred Thompson (R-K Street). Time to crank up the oppo research.

Here’s a place to start: the Watergate hearings. At the end of the day, Thompson’s boss Howard Baker bailed on Nixon. But when the outcome was still in question, I recall Baker carrying a lot of water for the White House, even as Lowell Weicker was earning a place in history and the undying enmity of his party by doing the right thing. I’d bet there are some people still around &#8212 including John Dean &#8212 with some interesting Fred Thompson stories to tell.

Let him put that in his illegal Cuban cigar and smoke it.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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