Firefighters un-heart Rudy

The firefighters’ union says Giuliani gave expedited redevelopment priority over the search for the remains of the fallen. Bad Mayor! No endorsement!

This should make for a nice 30-second spot.

The firefighters wanted to carefully search the rubble at Ground Zero for the bodies of the firefighters who had died on 9/11. But the developer was in a hurry to start the redevelopment process. So, once the Bank of Nova Scotia’s gold bars had been recovered, Giuliani ordered that the remaining rubble &#8212 including whatever bodies were still there &#8212 scooped up and taken to a landfill. When firefighters held a protest, he ordered them arrested.

Am I confident the firefighters’ union is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the incident? No. But I look forward to several news cycles’ worth of assertion and denial.

Update Well, the Giuliani camp is helping. They managed to invent a group called “Firefighters for Rudy,” whose “Executive Director” is a Giuliani campaign staffer. I wonder whether the press minds getting snookered this way? I would, in their shoes.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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