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There are dangerous people trying to sow the seeds of mutiny within the U.S. military.

Australian Rupert Murdoch and his Saudi-prince partner are paying a retired three-star general to encourage American soldiers to disobey lawful orders. This is much more dangerous than the ravings of some mullah. Better get those predator drones ready.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Damn! I could have started disobeying orders when the Watergate cover-up began! Nixon was not the legitimate president the minute he told Haldeman to get the CIA to go to the FBI and tell them to drop the investigation of the break-in. Where was this guy when I needed him?

  2. I'm not too worried about this particular instance. LTC Lakin will go to the brig, and the careerist officer and noncom corps will get the message.

    I'm more worried about the right wing's systematic attempts to destroy every American institution that stands in their way. Each drop of this poison is fairly easy to tolerate, but the cumulative effect is scary.

  3. Boys, a foreign substance has been introduced into our precious bodily fluids. The sheriff is a ni, ni, ni,….

  4. If it goes to a court-martial, he'll go to the stockade, because the brig is a Navy/Marine thing. He'll also (as well he should) get a less-than-honorable discharge and forfeiture of his pension.

    Not that any of that is going to affect him much.

  5. Dennis, you mean fluoridation of water? And ice cream? Children's ice cream? I became aware of this during the act of physical love. There was a loss of essence. Luckily, I realized the true cause.

  6. The Left acted far, far worse during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, early 1990s, and during the George W. Bush administration.

    During the Vietnam war, for example, some of the more radical antiwar groups advocated that the soldiers not only disobey their officers, but "frag" them as well. Jane Fonda infamously sat on a recently fired Soviet-made antiaircraft gun in North Vietnam while denouncing US government officials as "war criminals" and went on to ridicule American POWs being tortured at the Hanoi Hilton. Hundreds of thousands of Leftist protesters flew the North Vietnamese flag and cheered soldiers who refused to serve in Vietnam or anywhere else.

    During the administration of Bush II, the Left insisted that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were both illegal, and supported soldiers who refused to deploy there, or anywhere else. (One sailor was even supported when he refused to deploy to help the post-Tsunami relief efforts because he thought they were an insult to Islam.) Left wing authors even wrote docudramas about the the fictitious assassination of President Bush.… Other leftists compared Bush to Adolf Hitler and while stating that the US needed military officers similar to those who tried to assassinate Hitler.

    Leftist Cold war spies such as Theodore Hall (aka Theodore Alvin Holtzberg) and the Rosenbergs gave the Soviet Union American radar and nuclear technology because they did not want America to have military superiority. Theodore Hall, in 1998, explained his actions as follows, "I decided to give atomic secrets to the Russians because it seemed to me that it was important that there should be no monopoly, which could turn one nation into a menace and turn it loose on the world as … as Nazi Germany developed. There seemed to be only one answer to what one should do. The right thing to do was to act to break the American monopoly."

    Whether it was atomic espionage, protests, or the incitement to mutiny, the Left insisted that "dissent is patriotic" and that "deconstructing" the American government is essential to progress. Obviously, the Fox news has a long way to go if it is to be as "progressive" as the Left. (Of course, when Republicans criticized the Clintons' bombing of Serbia, despite the Congress voting against supporting it, and without permission from the UN, they were deemed "unpatriotic" by the Left.)

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