Fiendishly Challenging Movie Trivia

I had long been aware that this famous movie included the very first film appearance of Jeff Goldblum (as a vicious thug) as well as one of the first screen roles of Christopher Guest (as a police officer). But it was pointed out to me yesterday that it was also the first — though uncredited — screen appearance of Denzel Washington!

Without googling, IMDBing or other cheating, take a guess. (Answer after the jump).

Author: Keith Humphreys

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8 thoughts on “Fiendishly Challenging Movie Trivia”

  1. Death Wish?

    An earlier Guest appearance was in The Hot Rock. (Just saw the poster above while typing comment — not too tough, lots of young actors had debuts as thugs in that series.)

  2. Also, Guard at Hotel Lobby is a surprisingly familiar face with a completely unremarkable name.

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