Fidel Huckabee?

Mike Huckabee channels Fidel Castro on “quarantine” for HIV-positives.

I doubt that calling homosexuality “sinful” will hurt Mike Huckabee with anyone who was likely to vote for him in any case. Even his opposition to more Federal funding for AIDS research (paired with a sneer at “celebrities”) probably won’t do him much harm. And his proposal (back in 1992) that HIV-positive people be “quarantined” might actually appeal to the growing Christofascist voting bloc, allowing Huckabee to compete with Giuliani for the coveted “Most Likely to Do Something Appallingly Inhumane to People Not Like Us” prize.

But the problem with proposing something astonishingly un-American is that someone Americans don’t like might have proposed, or even done, exactly the same thing. From now on, I suggest that the Governor be referred to as “Fidel Huckabee.” After all, he can’t really object to being called “faithful,” can he?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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