Fellas, can we postpone the post-mortem until the body is cold?

Courtesy of Atrios and MSNBC, a Washington Post story about backbiting within Bush Administration ranks about the “bum advice” Bush got on fighting this war.


And here’s more from Warren Strobel of Knight-Ridder. Looks as if Bushland is erupting in a nasty civil war. Perhaps things are going worse than I think they are. And this is really discouraging:

In a televised interview three days before the Bush speech, Cheney said, “I really do believe that we will be greeted as liberators.”

Cheney said his assessment was based in part on meetings with Iraqi exiles, many of whom predicted a quick collapse of Saddam’s regime after an invasion.

Shouldn’t a political science major at least have read his Machiavelli? Never listen to exiles!

“Such is their extreme desire to return to their homes that they naturally believe many things that are not true, and add many others on purpose.” (Discourses, II, 31)

Author: Mark Kleiman

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