Favorability of the Presidential candidates

Obama is the only candidate with net favorable over unfavorable in double digits.

This far out, the horserace polling numbers don’t deserve much weight. But favorability, which tends to be less volatile, matters.

From the latest NYT poll of 1001 registered voters:

Net/Favorable/not favorable/undecided/haven’t heard of/net change since April

+13 Obama 34 21 25 20 -5

+9  Giuliani 34 25 27 13 -2

+2  Edwards 30 28 27 14 -7

-2  Romney14 16 18 52 +4

-4  Clinton  38 42 19 2 +5

-7  McCain 23 30 26 20 -6


Graphic: Polling Report

Just a reminder that you and I, dear reader, are not normal people: more than half of the registered voters say they haven’t heard enough about Mitt Romney to form an opinion. I, on the other hand, have already heard more about Mitt Romney than I ever wanted to, and we’re still 16 months from Election Day.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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