Faith-based pork

An expose of the White House Faith-Based Programs office from its former deputy director.

C’mon, you didn’t really believe that the “faith-based initiative” stuff was anything but a political scam, did you?

I keep hoping that another few years of having the right-wing clergy sucking at the Federal teat will bring an end to the Fourth Great Awakening. And not a minute too soon, either.

And if you were wondering how the “faith-based initiative” process was going to avoid funding jihadists, don’t worry: they just load the review panels with bigots who give all proposals from non-Christians scores of zero.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. If David Kuo said it then it must be true. Also, Sam the dog just furnished a report that pegs the latest Iraqi death total at 4 million billion. However, neither of the two reports are for the purpose of electioneering; that is reserved for Foley (who resigned long ago). No, this election will be won or lost on the facts. As long as those facts exclude: 4.6% unemployment, DOW 12,000, and any national security issues.
    Natures Blessing's

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