Fabulous places to eat near major airports …

… turns out not to be quite an empty set. Found a great Korean place near BWI in Glen Burnie.

… sounds like one of those “world’s shortest book” jokes. So, if you’re from Baltimore, does “great restaurants in Glen Burnie.” But needing a place to meet a friend near BWI, I did a little Googling and found Goong Jeon, at 202 Crain Hwy N. (The tip was the complaint from the person who thought the service was bad because he’d had to wait a long time while three busloads of Korean tourists ordered.)

It’s across the street from a strip mall, and hard to find even when you’ve found it: the big neon sign says “Palace.” But the foot was out of this world. I’d never had conch stew before, but I’d travel a long way to have it again. The miso was mediocre – too salty for my taste, anyway – but the seafood and scallion fritters were great and the conch was to die for. More than enough food for two hungry people came to $33 after a generous tip.

The bad news was that we were the only people in the place. Not a healthy sign, even on a Monday evening. So if you’re anywhere in the Baltimore/Washington area, do your community a favor and organize a group to go to Goong Jeon. If you’re disappointed, send me the bill and I’ll reimburse you.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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14 thoughts on “Fabulous places to eat near major airports …”

  1. The idea that BWI is a major airport is not one that folks in the National-Dulles airshed share. But, to each his own.

  2. Flushing Queens might also be a particularly nasty form of gay bashing. 🙂

  3. “But the foot was out of this world.” I think this is a don’t ask-don’t tell moment…

  4. Joe and Donald, it’s unironically true that chicken foot is a staple at dim sum restaurants, and the presence of pig’s foot is a signifier of authenticity at Texas barbecues. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Planning to be disappointed in a bowl of delicious conch asap!

    Kidding, I’m pretty sure.

  6. What prk is trying to say is that a conch is big ‘ol sea snail. Really big.

    And somewhat relevant to the fun, you eat its foot.

    Which is a bit puzzling how it can be so good, because conch meat itself not overly flavorful and can be quite tough. However I’m quite willing to believe that the Korean treatment yields most excellent results.

  7. North Main BBQ, in Euless, Texas is just north of the first exit on Highway 183 west of the south exit of DFW. It’s ONLY open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it’s really, REALLY great. http://www.northmainbbq.com/

    And I question the earlier comment about pig’s foot being a sign of authenticity in Texas BBQ joints. This may be true to some extent in East Texas, but in Central Texas from the Hill Country north, pig’s feet aren’t in evidence very often.

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