Experience needed: I don’t want a “replacement” president

Mitt Romney on the importance of experience:

“I’d sure like to see some experienced referees, some with NFL experience, come back out to the NFL playing fields.”

SNL did a skit extending the concept of incompetent replacements to other fields such as medicine and the jury box.  I half expected to see a bumbling Mitt Romney not knowing the right “call” to make as a “replacement president.”  (see for example his statement on Libya, or how he doesn’t know what his health care plan is, or whether or not he thinks Obama raised taxes…)

I don’t want to see another “replacement president” acting out psychodramas over his father.  (Also see Nicholas Lemann’s article in the current New Yorker)     GWB, or arguably John Quincy Adams (in a different way), was the first one.




7 thoughts on “Experience needed: I don’t want a “replacement” president”

  1. I know it seems silly to argue political disputes from almost 200 years ago, but what’s wrong with J. Q. Adams (you wretched Jacksonite!)?

    1. Sorry, this allusion was about the psychodrama part not about the competence. Adams was the first one-term president since his father and it was that relationship to which I referred. As a statesman he was certainly head and shoulders above either W or Mitt. John Quincy Adams was a great diplomat and Secretary of State, and he was the first American president who had a significant political career after his presidency — he served in Congress where he showed great moral leadership and was effective in the anti-slavery movement. But as a patrician politician he was not in step with the new mass politics and as president he had what we might call a technocratic approach that did not make political headway against a concerted opposition.

  2. I thought Rmoney’s issues were with his father and the 1964 race against Goldwater but his political instincts and early lessons seem to have formed during his mother’s US Senate campaign. He was much more involved and committed to that campaign.

    I’ll leave the psychology to the psychologists on this blog.

  3. “I don’t want to see another “replacement president” acting out psychodramas over his father. ..”

    So the solution is to keep the current “replacement president” as he acts out psychodramas over his father? Me, I am kind of wistful for the parliamentary system, where is our Tony Blair?

  4. I’m not sure if you have baseball fans here, but consider the statement where Romney is pledging to create 12 million jobs if elected. In the face of studies that say if we don’t change policies, the economy will create 12 million jobs – on autopilot.

    In sabermetric baseball terms, that would equate Romney to a “replacement-level” president.

    1. Yes, except that Romney’s policies are likely make things worse, so he would not even reach “replacement level.”

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