Evangelicals speak out for liberal churches’ rights

The National Association of Evangelicals is working with the National Council of Churches to defend All Souls Episcopal Church against an IRS audit aimed at an anti-war sermon. Good.

As I’d hoped, a report in the LA Times says that the National Association of Evangelicals has weighed in on the side of the liberal Episcopalian congregation under IRS audit for an anti-war sermon.

This is a great opportunity for liberals to reach out to theologically conservative churches, and no such opportunity should be neglected. Not every Bible Christian is Jerry Falwell.

I’d suggest an appropriations rider telling the IRS to butt out except in cases where there’s systematic partisan activity. Let the Republicans vote against it if they dare.

Footnote Ampersand has some evidence suggesting political bias at the IRS: at least, evidence that pro-war and pro-Bush churches have gone much further than All Saints went without catching any IRS flak.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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