Clinton gets Mickey Kaus on nativist grounds. Score one for Obama. Now if he can just pick up Kevin Drum, today will be a great day for him.

Mickey Kaus has now come out for Hillary Clinton as the best anti-immigrant candidate. Maybe that was the good news (for Obama) the betting markets were discounting. Or is it possible that there’s been a leak about the long-awaited, closely-guarded Kevin Drum endorsement? If Obama were to get that &#8212 which two weeks ago would have seemed like a long-shot &#8212 he would have the liberal-blog-reader demographic just about sewn up. And of course that demographic is the decisive one.

Update YESSSSS!!!!! Kevin does the right thing:

I guess I finally decided that Bill Clinton was right: voting for Obama is a roll of the dice. I still don’t know whether Obama is likely to be the Democratic Ronald Reagan (my hope) or the next Democratic Jimmy Carter (my fear), but I like his temperament, I like his judgment, I like his foreign policy, I like his obvious ability to inspire, and I think he’s more likely to be RR than JC. I guess I’m willing to roll the dice.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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