3 thoughts on “Emergency”

  1. Unsurprisingly, he provides no evidence that any of the things he mention are actually occurring. It’s one bald-faced assertion after another…one bald-faced lie after another.

  2. I think Trump might have been better off if the declaration just said: “It’s an emergency.” As it is, the only specific thing he mentions is asylum seekers, who present themselves at border crossings (where we already have walls and barriers). They have a right to do that, apply for asylum and stay in the US awaiting their hearings. Trump talks about what he calls “catch and release” (though it’s not referred to in that way in the order), and makes the false claim that asylum seekers do not show up for the hearings.

    Now, conceivably, being unbound by truth and decency, he could say that his “determination” that asylum seekers don’t show up cannot be questioned. But even then, the solution isn’t to put up a partial wall that will take months to build. The solution would be to declare that the US can no longer comply with its obligations under international and domestic law and must immediately deport them.

    I know the courts have to defer to the president as if he were a normal person trying to uphold his oath of office, despite the fact that he is objectively incapable of honoring his oath, or even pretending to. But, if he lists specific rationales, don’t they have to justify the thing he’s doing? Could we build a wall between us and Canada because Canada geese are bringing drugs and crime?

  3. And another thing. Is it now Trump’s position that the wall he’s using emergency powers to build will be sufficient to stop all the bad things that are allegedly happening? If not, then what’s the point? If Canada, this time the humans, not the geese, was invading Mich., Me., NY, and ND, would declaring an emergency to send troops to Washington but none of the other places be valid?

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