Duck and cover

No Republican on the Hill — not even St. John McCain — is calling for Rove to go. But they’re not calling for him to stay, either. He seems to have a case of political leprosy.

Two striking (to me) observations about Tuesday’s NY Times story on Plamegate:

1. Not a single Republican legislator is willing to say, even off the record, that if Rove unmasked a CIA undercover officer he ought to be fired. Now that’s what I call message discipline.

2. On the other hand, and by contrast with Red Blogistan, not a single Republican legislator is willing to say, even off the record, that no crime was committed, it’s all a partisan witch-hunt, the prosecutor is out of control, etc.

Mr. Rove seems to have contracted a case of political leprosy.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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