Dogs-and-fleas Dep’t

A key Hillaryite-for-McCain turns out to be an open racist.

This ought to cool the ardor of any of the Hillaryites-for-McCain who aren’t stone racists. Paula Abeles, who organized John McCain’s high-profile teleconference and meeting with former Clinton supporters, was last seen trying to keep the descendents of Sally Hemmings our of the Monticello Association, a group of people who claim Thomas Jefferson as an ancestor: to the keep the meetings “calm and civilized,” she said.


Note that the McCain folks allowed Abeles to make the guest list for the teleconference and meeting. She’s not just some random supporter: she’s the person the McCain camp wanted to work with, or the person they judged could best reach out to the potential McCain supporters from the Clinton camp.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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