Dog-bites-man story

Romney horrified by good economic news. So what else is new?

Romney horrified by good economic news. So what else is new?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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8 thoughts on “Dog-bites-man story”

  1. Shucks. Just when Flim-flam was starting to gain some faux traction too…

    Hopefully this won’t dent the enthusiasm of his claque.
    And they will continue to fund his future upticket failure rather than diverting funds to downticket races.
    For example, I hear Allen West is barely hanging on in Florida.

    1. Unfortunately, that may not be a good “for example.”

      Allen West is suffering the consequences of a disaster, the publication of a letter he wrote to his wife years ago. It has no particular relationship to anything else happening in any campaign.

      1. From the folks at Daily Kos Elections, West seemed to be having trouble even before the publication of the letter to his wife.

        (Which, by the way, I’m inclined to take the high road on. I wouldn’t like to receive such a letter, but it’s West’s wife job to object if anyone does — assuming that the letter is real. And there’s plenty of other evidence that West is a sexist raving lunatic war criminal, which I’m glad to see that his opponent has called him out on.)

    1. When you’ve been in the ICU for a while, family members might view your move back to your own room as “good news,” even though you’re still hospitalized, and anticipating a long and difficult recovery.

      1. If Democrats had insisted on massive deficit spending to address the lack of demand in the economy, we’d be doing far better than we are now. Instead Obama and other Democrats joined Republicans in the chorus for deficit reduction and austerity. It’s fair to say the economy is better than it was, and it’s also fair to say it could have been much better if our leaders had reacted more sensibly to an economic crash.

        Romney’s a douche, but it’s also true that this is a half-assed recovery.

        1. Yes, it’s true that the recovery thus far has been at least “disappointing,” if not “half assed.”

          OTOH, the point that isn’t even made in any of these discussions is that Republican obstructionism at the state level has sabatoged the already-minimal stimulus. To my chagrin, my own (previous) home state of Virginia was LAST in the entire country in spending the stimulus money sent down the road from Washington. Our Republican governor put it in the bank, saving for a rainy day. That story has been repeated in many states throughout the country.

          Apparently “stimulus” is a hard concept to understand.

  2. Josh Marshall steps back and gives some perspective:
    The revision also add over 300K to the first half of the year.

    With the revisions, Obama has been hitting his 150K consistently all year. That suggests he is not magically over-performing, he is within the model predictions.

    As to the big increases in July and August, NPR this morning mentioned that almost all increases were government jobs. I suspect the vast majority were teachers. School boards had to plan on falling revenue but state revenues are generally up, as are local collections. Many positions were only filled just before the school year started. I was surprised when August initially had a decline in government jobs. It did not match what I was seeing on the ground even in a Red State whose legislators hate them some “edgikation”.

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