Does Cleveland rock?–let’s go to the map

It’s not a horse-race once they’ve stopped running. Why can’t the racetrack announcers shut up?

CNN International has the feed from Atlanta. A phalanx of analysts is breathlessly speculating on the returns from Ohio. The polls are closed, and only a few precincts have reported. Someone appears to be in the lead. But what about the all-important Lake Erie-littoral/Slavic/schoolteacher vote?—that could change everything.

All the votes will be in in a few hours, at which time the results will be clear, or perhaps not. But all of this yammering will have been for naught. I’d give Wolf Blitzer a Peabody if he said, “the polls are closed; we’ll let you know when the results are in—in the meantime, here are the Lawrence Welk Singers.”

Update: Allesandra Stanley thinks that there’s not enough gibbering about the elections, and takes the networks to task for not interrupting their regular programming to tell the viewers that projections allow them to call Vermont for Obama. Who besides a campaign strategist needs to know that at 7pm? It will still be true the next morning.