Disorder in the Court

I have uploaded the transcript of the telephone conference/hearing in the case ongoing in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland concerning the census question re: citizenship. I have highlighted certain passages and made a few comments.

The transcript shows the government is in total disarray. Not only is the chain of command not being followed (that would have required that directions come from the Secretary of Commerce or the Attorney General), but the Justice Department attorneys have been given no official direction whatsoever. (Twitter is not an authorized mode of governmental communication.)

Let’s be as clear as possible: The basic incompetency of Donald Trump to discharge the duties of his office is no longer seriously in doubt. His strutting performance tomorrow will only serve to underline that fact.

6 thoughts on “Disorder in the Court”

  1. ” The basic competency of Donald Trump to discharge the duties of his office is no longer seriously in doubt. ” I’m sure you mean “the basic incompetency”. Double negatives are a bitch.

    1. You’re correct. I noticed the mistake at about 2:00 AM, but was too tired to correct. I will do so shortly.

  2. Also, his basic incompetency was never in doubt, let alone seriously in doubt.

    Maybe I take things too literally, but this reminds me of the way that many advocates start their sentences with, “It’s time to,” as in “It’s time for Trump to stop torturing migrant children.” Was there previously a time when it was ok?

    1. I agree that his basic incompetency was never in doubt, but even so, the depth of his ignorance is astounding. And, while it was clear early on that he has no shame, it’s been fascinating, in a grotesque way, to see its effects demonstrated over and over again. Every day.

  3. Now I feel bad that I didn’t read the SC decision – does anyone know what little loophole the gov lawyer was referring to?

    This is some wild and wacky stuff.

    And does anyone know about these warning labels Twitter is supposedly using now? I don’t do Twitter … but, I’m curious. I rather thought that Tw should’ve kicked the prez off a long time ago, and have thought badly of them for not doing it. Otoh, maybe a warning label could be good? Bc, the point the pltfs make about scaring the population is, I am sorry to say, a valid and operative point. What to do? These feel like actual looking-glass issues … but there are 50 other things I’m supposed to be doing right now (chores and such).

  4. How wrong you were about Trump ruining the Fourth. I mean, how many people got run over by tanks? How many were gunned down by machine guns? Did Trump wear epaulets, medals and sunglasses? Egg, meet Levine’s face.

    And people thought he couldn’t read a speech off a TelePrompTer without ridiculous ad-libs, just because that’s what he always does. Well guess what, haterz, he had few if any ridiculous ad-libs, and he was able to read the speech at least as well a bright third-grader who was seeing the speech for the first time would have. Sure, the airports thing was a little weird, but I think he put that in there just to make the libs mad. And if he didn’t, do we know there weren’t airports? Maybe they were secret, or the site of future airports which the British would own if they had won the war and when airplanes were invented in 100 years or so, where would our planes land?

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