Did I miss something?

Did anyone read Doonsbury today? Could someone explain it to me?

Author: Lowry Heussler

Lowry Heussler is a lawyer from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Having participated in the RBC as a guest-blogger, she made it official in 2012. Her most important contribution to the field of public policy to date was her 1994 instruction to Mark Kleiman, "Read Ann Landers every day. You need to learn about real people." Her essay on the 2009 arrest of Henry Louis Gates went viral and brought about one of her proudest moments, being described as "just another twit along the lines of Sharpton, Jackson, Gates, etc." (Small Dead Animals Blog). Currently serving as General Counsel to BOTEC Analysis Corp., she has been a public housing lawyer, a prosecutor for the Board of Registration in Medicine, a large-firm associate and a small-firm partner. She serves as a board member for NEADS, Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans, a charity that trains service dogs to increase independence for people with disabilities.

15 thoughts on “Did I miss something?”

  1. Not sure what you’re not getting. The week has been dedicated to a literal, physical “math and science victory lap” in which all of the reality-based (Democratic) constituents take turns marching down a street, with floats and everything, as filtered through Mike’s wry TV observing. So yesterday one of the floats had Nate Silver, today the climatologists……

    1. Martin is correct. It’s a celebration of the defeat of the Stupid Party.

      Really? A party whose leadership has bought, lock stock and barrel, into the “national security state” and “OMG, DEFICITS!” memes is not stupid? I beg to differ.

      1. Bobby, are you seriously contending that the GOP isn’t the Stupid Party by a looooong shot? I mean, the party of “climate change isn’t bad because God won’t screw us over” and a million other stupidities that would take a lifetime to document.

        Yes, I’m appalled by the Dems’ fecklessness on civil rights too, but you’ve seriously got to be shitting me. Stop concern trolling, will ya?

        1. No. I am seriously contending that the current Democratic Party is pretty stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppid also. All Dems should be “hair on fire” about labor rights, climate change, and targeting full employment. But no. We have to argue about concern trolling. Jayzus.

  2. “75 MPH wind” = “severe storm”. “Severe storm” = “symptom of global warming”. Thus the (fictional and off-screen) climate scientist are both being proved right and in a sense being pushed forward by the very atmosphere around them. Kind of a joke, actually. Or is that not what needed to be explained?

  3. Suggest it’s more about whistling past the graveyard … of the entire human race. Devastation predicted with a Nate Silver-like accuracy, but noone in power is listening. If they are, I suppose they’ll wait until the Christmas shopping is over before they let us know that they’ve been listening. Very grim actually.

  4. I’m going with sarcasm. Obama won re-election, everything will now be candy & flowers for the liberal movement, what could possibly stop our socialist panacea from being put in place now.

    IMO, Trudeau is anticipating the Obama supporters going back into hibernation until Iowa, 2016.

    The election is over, the heavy lift of change is just beginning.

  5. Ours is not the only community of people who seek to base themselves and their thinking in reality. There was a time when the reality based community encompassed much of the population of this country and hopefully may again.

  6. To the extent Trudeau refers to this particular RBC, I’d guess it would be a reference to the parade samefacts is throwing for itself 😉

    BTW: The OP link points to the current strip, which is no longer the one making reference to the reality based community. I found today’s strip even funnier!

  7. Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews provide excellent commentary for this alternative to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I hope it becomes an annual event. And I don’t have to turn on my TV.

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