Did he really mean it?

George W. Bush tells the AP that if Iraqi elections lead to an Islamic state, well, that’s what “the people choose” and “democracy is democracy.”

He said it clearly enough:

Q: If the people in Iraq, in a free, democratic election, someday choose an Islamic fundamentalist government, is that all right with you?

BUSH: I will be disappointed, but democracy is democracy. They have now got a – the beginnings of a constitution, the TAL, which sends a different message, that there will be tolerance and an open society. But people – if that’s what the people choose, that’s what the people choose.

Does the leader of the free world really understand so little about the meaning of democracy that he thinks an elected religious tyranny is a democratic form of government? Or that 1000 American lives was a fair price to pay for creating a second mullocracy next to Iran? Or that an Islamist Iraq would be less of a threat to the United States than Ba’athist Iraq?

George W. Bush just stuck a knife in the back of every Iraqi working for a truly republican form of government and a truly democatic way of life for his or her country.

Of course, none of the warbloggers, who think that the war against radical political Islam is the most important issue of the new century, will even bother to notice it.

But John Kerry should.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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