[RETRACTED] Did Ahmadinejad just say “uncle”?

Iran has suspended uranium enrichment in advance of forthcoming talks.

Update Answer to the question is “no.” Apparently the original Guardian story quoted a (wishfully?) mistaken story in the Saudi-backed. Al-Arabiya. Guess we’ll have to keep squeezing.


Iran has suspended uranium enrichment in advance of forthcoming talks.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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12 thoughts on “[RETRACTED] Did Ahmadinejad just say “uncle”?”

  1. I’m not sure the efforts of disreputable foreign leaders to elect particular men in America actually help. But they do seem fond of Obama. Chavez, Castro, Putin, and now Ahmadinejad. They do seem to like him.

    The question is, does it help him to be the favorite of such people?

      1. Nah. Pretty much irrelevant, Ahmadinajad has little influence over our domestic politics. Now, the Chavez and Putin endorsements for Obama might have helped Romney, if the press covered them, but that’s why they didn’t.

        1. if the press covered them, but that’s why they didn’t.

          Because the lib’rullll meeedia are too busy covering the GOP voter suppression activities, Rmoney voting machines, Rmoney profiteering from the bailout, Rmoney tax returns, Stericycle, Rmoney Ponzi scheme, Sensata, Asimco, Medicare voucherization, etc etc etc. The media are just too exhausted from running down how dishonest this candidate is to cover a half-crazy furrin soshulizt.

          Whew! exhausted they must be, eh?

  2. I’m with Brett: if I were putting words in the guy’s mouth, they would be: “I endorse Barack Obama”.

  3. Well I’m glad he didn’t actually [I]say[/I], “I endorse Barack Obama” ;~)

    It’s worth noting that truly radical, apocalyptic Islamists are, no doubt, rooting for the other side.

    1. Yes, both sides are confident of that, I assure you. Personally I suspect that, from their perspective, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Obama and Romney.

      1. I am pretty sure Bin Laden would much prefer Mitt Romney. Mind you, he’s feeding the fishes, so I guess we can’t ask him.

    1. That’s ok. The US denied the existence of talks two weeks ago.

      I expect a settlement soon.

  4. In the law, a person is held to “intend” the reasonably foreseeable consequences of his actions. The reasonably foreseeable consequence of Chavez, etc., endorsing Obama is to help Romney, just as the Osama tape quite possibly tipped the 2004 election to GWB. The conclusion, then, is that people who hate America love the thought of Mitt Romney as President.

    Also note that this story – which so far seems to be false – wasn’t about an endorsement, but about what would have been a national triumph: the cessation of Iranian uranium enrichment. And yet to Brett all it meant was possible advantage for the candidate he hates.

    1. Yeah, amazingly I looked at it from the same perspective you did: What were the implications for the election Tuesday.

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