Der Untergang von Romney

This had to happen. Pretty funny.

This had to come.

h/t commenter “Calling All Toasters”

Footnote No one has asked recently, but what is hidden in Romney’s tax returns?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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10 thoughts on “Der Untergang von Romney”

  1. No one has asked recently, but what is hidden in Romney’s tax returns?

    The obvious answer is that in some recent year he paid no income tax, and so according to his own declarations is obligated to vote for Obama.

  2. Romney apparently promised a “permanent solution” to the immigration problem tonight. It would be swinish and completely reprehensible to allow the phrase “final solution” to leak into public debate on this issue.

  3. Unfortunately, “Downfall” parodies lose a lot if you actually do speak German. Because then the subtitles and the spoken text are so completely at odds that you have to turn off the sound, and then you’re missing out on much of Bruno Ganz’s performance.

    Regarding the tax returns, it seems as though it was a smart tactical choice by Romney’s team to not publish them. (Though I wonder if they had been so completely forgotten if the Romney campaign wouldn’t have been so kind as to provide the news channels with a wealth of other material.)

    1. And that should have been “if the Romney campaign hadn’t been so kind”. Sheesh, watch one German movie clip, and my English grammar goes to the dogs. 🙂

    2. Speaking of which, how come no one from McCain’s campaign is leaking anything? Didn’t they see the returns? What the bleep. Why, it’s unAmerican to keep a secret this long.

  4. Can anyone find the “Downfall” video featuring Bruno Ganz ranting about how nobody pays any attention to his classic performance because of these stupid “Downfall” videos? There are so many of the damn things that I can’t search for a specific one.

  5. What’s in the tax returns? The dependent deductions for his other six wives.

    That’s right, I went there.

  6. Romney incites tax speculation

    It’s expected that Presidential candidates release many years of tax records. Romney’s father stated that many years are required; a few years could be hiding something. Rmoney’s released one.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated that a Bain insider told him Romney paid ZERO taxes for 10 years. The heat is growing, over 20 senior Republican leaders have urged Romney to be transparent. Come clean. Mitt’s decided that whatever he’s hiding is worse than the heat. This guy wants to run the country, claims he’s qualified because of his business genius, then hides it all.

    Peggy Noonan, respected conservative columnist, once wrote, “ … Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to.”

    No taxes for 10 years? He showed McCain 23 years taxes, and McCain picked Palin. McCain isn’t saying Reid is lying. Maybe Mitt made backroom investments on our wars, or the SLC Olympics. Maybe he aggressively shorted Bear Stearns, creating and profiting from our recession.

    In 2009, the IRS made a deal with Switzerland, ending the secret accounts. There was a one-time amnesty for the scofflaws evading taxes. Maybe Romney was caught in that. Speculations!

    Mitt could end it all by releasing his taxes.

    ADD :
    What if he didn’t tithe 10% ( he said it makes him cry : ), and doesn’t want his own church to see diff – or ruin his story – after all. Look at Ryan’s lousy charitableness!

    He doesn’t want to expose HIS voter fraud ( favorite Republican buggy0boo to inhibit voting) when he voted in Mass while claiming residence in Utah for tax purposes

    I still suspect he paid fine in 2009 for amnesty from exposed Swiss accounts

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