DeLay rule update: legs

Those who aren’t political junkies are starting to notice the smell.

Yes, this one is moving. Not only does Howie Kurtz report it with full anti-DeLay spin (if prosecutors are really going wild with unjustified indictments, he asks, shouldn’t the Congress be investigating an out-of-control criminal justice system rather than just protecting its own?), but the Manchester Union Leader is denouncing it in terms it usually reserves for Democrats:

…abolishing [the rule] now gives the appearance that House Republicans are insincere when they profess a commitment to high ethical standards. Too bad that appearance is not deceiving.

More to the point, the story is starting to gain the attention of people who don’t obsess about politics.

I spent much of today with a Federal law enforcement officer. Just in the course of general conversation, he brought the matter up. He didn’t know the details, and in fact thought it was something about changing Senate procedures. But he knew that the Republicans on the Hill had just done something slimy. That’s progress.

[And it may explain why so few Republican Congressfolk are eager to say how they voted.]

Have the late-night comics been on this yet?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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