Death squad money in Bain Capital?

The charge that much of the early money in Bain Capital came from the folks who murdered an archbishop in his own cathedral ought to hurt Mitt Romney. But it won’t.

This ought to hurt Romney. But it won’t. The undecided voter couldn’t find El Salvador on a map and doesn’t care how many archbishops Romney’s investors killed. And the wingnut base – both the unwashed masses and the Murdochized commentariat – has no more objection to right-wing terrorism today than it did when the Reagan Administration was funding it.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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8 thoughts on “Death squad money in Bain Capital?”

  1. Wait, just give me a second… OK – Sure, it was blood money, but by being placed in the hands of smart investors, it gets washed in the holy water of job-creating, tide-lifting, cheap goods-for-non-union-service-workers American capitalism. See, that’s how you turn a mass grave of peasants into amber waves of grain.

  2. It’s a shame that this is not a story on La Opinion, Telemundo, Univision, or other Spanish news outlets.

  3. If anything, it will increase Romney’s popularity among the wingnut base.

    Killing Others in the name of freedom is a boon with those people.

  4. It would still be nice for Obama and his team to point out that Ronmneys’ investors, the one who gave him the seed capital to start Bain Capital, were same the family who were also heavlly linked to death squads. This would also provide a useful antidote, to the unctuous devotion Republicans have to Saint Ronnie and the war on terrorism, normally in the same bated breath.

  5. The phrase “Maryknoll nuns” might be an effective reminder to a certain demographic group.

  6. Anyway, Megan McArdle will doubtless assure us, both as a Catholic and a seasoned entrepreneur, that it was perfectly legal for businesses to kill nuns under the El Salvador tax code. AS FAR AS SHE KNOWS.

  7. This more-or-less says it all:

    Alex Stanton, a spokesman for Bain Capital, said confidentiality rules barred him from commenting on the investors.

    “The hyperbole of political campaigns cannot change the fact that Bain Capital has operated with high standards of integrity and excellence, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the vetting of our investors in consultation with experienced counsel and other advisors,” he said. “Any suggestion to the contrary is baseless.”

    Mitt’s newest campaign slogan ought to be – “MITT ROMNEY: In compliance with all applicable laws and regulations”

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