Dan Drezner Isn’t Happy

Dan Drezner thinks it’s a bad idea for the man who’s the boss of both the bad guys and the cops to be predicting that the investigation will go nowhere. [*]

He’s got a point, don’t you think?

And remember: Dan isn’t like me or the other left-bloggers. He was a foreign policy adviser to the Bush 2000 campaign. He isn’t predisposed to think that the President and his friends are goons. He would prefer to conclude that the President himself, at least, was innocent.

When Dan, and people like Dan, aren’t happy, that isn’t good for this Administration’s political health.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Where have all the libertarian peaceniks gone?

    Barnett argues that just because the state is illegitimate doesn't mean that everything it does is also unjust. This is like arguing that it's okay to use a stolen credit card to buy guns to give to your neighbor to shoot her abusive husband. As a cons…

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