Couldn’t the GOP find a SMART Jew?

Just watched Eric Cantor filibustering as Wolf Blitzer tried to get him to say what big-ticket items he’d cut from the budget. Cantor refused to name any.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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6 thoughts on “Couldn’t the GOP find a SMART Jew?”

  1. But…but…he's got those little glasses…and a narrow face! Can't you see that he's intelligent??? By the standards of the contemporary GOP, he's freakin' Gauss, Leibniz and Maxwell all rolled into one…

  2. The real irony in the case of Eric Cantor is that his district encompasses the domiciles of two of the most enlightened of the founding fathers, Jefferson and Madison.

  3. I don't think Cantor's a genius either, but refusing to answer a question for which he has no answer doesn't make him stupid, just dishonest.

    I didn't see this interview, but it would be nice if Blitzer had summarized by saying something like, "So while promising budget cuts Congressman Cantor has not identified a single item to be cut." Of course I don't think he said that, but shouldn't he?

  4. Bernard,

    I wasn't watching CNN, but the folks on MSNBC kept asking every Republican that came on that question, along with several others. The only thing that might have muffled them saying exactly what you wanted was that they were laughing too hard. The entire panel laughed at Eric Cantor. They definitely weren't laughing with him.

  5. Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express was on the CBS news tonight; she said, "What programs do we cut? I don't know."

    We are supposed to respect a movement that wins elections on slogans alone, and has not figured out what to cut before winning them?


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