Coulda guessed this one

Hear hoofbeats, expect to see horses.
Hear “White House sliming operation,” expect to see Karl Rove.

Yesterday we saw that an anonymous “senior Administration official” had slandered Gov. Blanco by claiming that she had never proclaimed a state of emergency for the Katrina situation, when in fact she’d issued one days before the storm hit. Today we learn that Dan Bartlett and — you guessed it — Karl Rove are in charge of a White House effort to deflect criticism from Bush to local officials.

Well, “slime and defend” has worked for them so far. It’s understandable that they’re falling back on it again this time.

Like me, Josh Marshall wonders whether someone is going to do some original reporting on who told that whopper — also repeated, unsourced, in Newsweek — since the WaPo seems uninterested in telling its readers who was responsible for disinforming them.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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