Cornyn to Tea Party: “Yes, Sir! How high, Sir?”

Took less than 24 hours for the Palinites to bring him to heel: the National Republican Senatorial Committee will support joke candidate Christine O’Donnell.

For a while last night, it looked as if the National Republican Senatorial Committee might decide to demonstrate some self-respect by refusing financial support to joke candidate Christine O’Donnell.

It took less than twenty-four hours for Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin and Richard Viguerie and Sarah Palin and Allahpundit to bring NRSC chair John Cornyn to heel, like a well-trained spaniel. So the NRSC will be enabling Ms. O’Donnell to continue her career as a professional candidate, paying her personal bills out of campaign funds. More, the NRSC has, in effect, publicly announced that it’s impossible to be too nutty to be a Republican Senator.

Mitt Romney is also on the bandwagon.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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10 thoughts on “Cornyn to Tea Party: “Yes, Sir! How high, Sir?””

  1. Mark, I realize you would respect the Republican establishment to some degree if they gave their own base the finger. You'd probably respect them even more if they decided not to run any candidates, and instead just endorse the Democratic slate.

    The question for the Republican establishment, of course, is not how to win YOUR respect. It's how to regain the respect of people who'd actually consider voting for them. Rejected the candidates those voters have just chosen is probably not an effective way to do that.

  2. Both parties have a problem with their more, shall I say, enthusiastic members being the ones who vote in primaries. This is how Alan Grayson and Christine O'Donnell get nominated. Maxine Waters. Carly Fiorina beat Tom Campbell. As a centrist kind of a guy, in November I then face a candidate who is too far to the right for my comfort running against one who is too far to the left. Then I have to decide which one is less worse. Cornyn's position if he resisted the will of his voters would be worse – he can't do that, and he has figured it out.

  3. "The question for the Republican establishment, of course, is not how to win YOUR respect. It’s how to regain the respect of people who’d actually consider voting for them. Rejected the candidates those voters have just chosen is probably not an effective way to do that."

    But in Colorado, they have not come to the aid of Dan Maes, who won the Republican primary, and whose ship has foundered over matters less grave than those in Delaware with O'Donnell. He turns out not to be a very good businessman, and he made up some stories about doing undercover police work in Kansas City. But he has lost the support of the establishment, and Rush has not rallied to his defense. Malkin, Palin, and the others have just left him to twist in the wind.

    It therefore appears that the Republican establishment is quite capable of "rejecting the candidate the voters have just chosen." But if Limbaugh hollers, and they obey. It may be as simple as that.

  4. "This is how Alan Grayson and Christine O’Donnell get nominated."

    Anybody who equates Christine O'Donnell with Alan Grayson is welcome to vote for a Republican in November. I understand that this invitation risks turning the country over to the tender mercies of lunatics empowered by idiots, but I can be just as much a revolutionary as any Teabagger. If destroying the village is the only way to save it, then so be it.

    Seriously, Dave Schutz: if you're such a "centrist kind of guy" that you think the "center" lies halfway between an intelligent, accomplished, liberal and a moonbat, ignorant, teabagger — and you represent the majority in this country — then the only way to restore sanity in our politics is to encourage you to vote Republican. If there's not much of a country left after you've indulged yourself in this sort of "centrism", well … it will be some consolation to me that I told you so ahead of time.


  5. So, Brett, you think Republicans ought to let loyalty to party trump loyalty to country? I note that you don't bother to defend O'Donnell from the well-documented charges that she is a chronic liar, a character assassin, and of dubious financial integrity, or that she has an unblemished record of never having held a job other than as a hack partisan warrior: not only no public office, but no actual job actually doing anything productive. Your view is that if a majority of the 58,000 Republicans who voted in Delaware voted for her, the Republican establishment ought to support her even if they think she's of poor character and weak intellect.

  6. What I think, Mark, is that a party establishment which regularly appeals to party loyalty had better show some, if it wants to be taken seriously. And reserve their tearing down for the OTHER side. Or else they're going to start people wondering about why they're quicker to attack conservatives than Democrats.

    Castle LOST. Time for them to get over it, and try to elect the person who WON the primary. If they can't do this, they can damn well shut up when Republican activists decline to try electing establishment candidates who win primaries.

    This point does not depend on O'Donnell's merits, short of her being a David Duke. Because some of the guys the GOP establishment ask the base to turn out for are pretty awful, just like YOUR establishment asks you to vote for scum like Charlie Rangel. Washington wouldn't be in the mess it is if the party establishments were actually scrupulous when it comes to people who aren't challenging their power.

    O'Donnell is being subjected to a double standard. No, not by you, by the GOP establishment.

  7. Can someone show me where Cornyn said he wouldn't supporter her or the NRSC? It seems like an internet rumor went out of control. O'Donnell won at like 1 am. Cornyn called her before his 11 am release, the next day (probably first thing in the work day!), at the NRSC to announce that he was donating the largest amount possible.

    Cornyn also said that he's not sure where this rumor got started, but set the record straight.

    So Matt, im curious why there is so much hatred for the guy. Your entire post is based off of this weak statement, "For a while last night, it looked as if……… ". <—-What is that???? BASED ON WHAT???????

    What, did Cornyn have to call her a 3 am to make you not lash out at him and post your most recent blog?

    Seriously the ultra right is just trying to find something to scream about every damn day, even if it is our own party now!! Good god, we need to unite not start a GOP civil war right now.

    Wake up people!! tHE Tea Party is starting to drink the internet kool aid. They believe anything they read from any keyboard, which is probably a BLUE KEYBOARD to stir this trouble. WAKE UP!

  8. One can hope you are right – the children of a Revolution have been known to devour their own (see Robespierre and The Reign of Terror; Stalin and the Great Purge).

  9. Brett, I'm glad you concede that there are some limits; you say "short of a David Duke." Why is race-baiting across the line but gay-baiting acceptable?

    You'll be glad to know that Karl Rove agrees with you: Christine O'Donnell has "serious character problems" and "says nutty things" but he's for her.

  10. A Senator's job is mainly to vote for or against bills. Whether she's stable or honest is of less concern than which way she'll vote. No doubt her votes will be preferable to her opponent's from a Republican's point of view, so there's no conflict between party or country for them.

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