9 thoughts on “Cornel West is Cool”

  1. He may very well be cool–I can’t really speak to that. He may also be a nice guy for all I know. But, so far as I can tell, the guy is a charlatan. Problem is, what I’ve tried to read by him is so awful that it’s hard to get very far. I guess there’s a non-zero probability that his stuff just starts off really, really weak and gets better. That is a possibility.

  2. The families of people who die in combat do not get personal POTUS calls, neither do Executive Office of the President employees who work 90 hours a week for 8 years for a POTUS. But West thinks he has sacrificed more than those lowly individuals and deserves special treatment because he did some campaign events. Says a lot about his character.

  3. Professor West is very cool, and the fact that he inspires so many young people to think critically about race is the best argument in favor of him teaching at any college or university.

  4. Matthew Kahn has a pretty impressive track record of wrongheaded posts on this blog. Witness for example his post earlier today apparently discerning merit in the meaningless High Broderism recently espoused by the consistently useless Tom Friedman. I can’t figure out whether this post is meant as humor, or is simply Kahn living down to his track record.

  5. Cornel West also has a very deep voice. I bet he can do a passable imitation of the truly great Paul Robeson singing “Ol’ Man River.”

  6. Matthew, I do believe you when you say you’d hire Summers at UCLA, if you could. Considering some of the people who work there now, I think that he’d fit right in.

  7. http://prospect.org/csnc/blogs/tapped_archive?month=07&year=2011&base_name=cornel_west_is_not_helping_him

    I’d like to hang out at B.B. King’s house and write songs with Bootsy Collins, too. It’d be awesome. But if you think that the fact that you got the chance to do that means you’re making the world a better place, then you’ve been spending too much time with famous people. If I said, “Last weekend I was at Clooney’s, and we ate sushi off Jessica Alba’s naked body, then later I gave him some notes on a script he’s working on. That’s an important role I’m playing,” you’d think I was just about the biggest jackass you’d ever met. And you’d be right.

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