Sharpe James out in Newark.
Haley Barbour still unreconstructed in Mississippi.

Good news: Newark will no longer have a crooked, racist Mayor.

Bad news: Mississippi still has a crooked, racist Governor.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Contrast”

  1. "Good news: Newark will no longer have a crooked, racist Mayor."
    Hmmm. I live in Newark: a godless pallid yuppie who attended the same law school as Cory Booker. (Never met him.) Sharpe James' departure is mixed news. He has done a lot of good for Newark–admittedly on the commission system. Racist? I don't think so, although he wasn't above playing the race card on occasion. Then again, neither was Ed Koch. My main beef against James is that he has been in office a bit too long. Again, like Ed Koch.
    Cory Booker will have a big set of shoes to fill. Let's hope that he isn't the John Lindsey of the naughts.

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