Concerning wingnuts and wing nuts

Before there were wingnuts, there were wing nuts. Very handy devices, if you don’t carry pliers around with you all the time.
Also, isn’t “Kim du Toit” a little bit TOO obvious as the pseudonym of someone who purports to be a testosterone-poisoned right-wing lunatic?

Kevin Drum’s Golden Wingnut awards (won, naturally, by John Hinderaker, against some very stiff competition) are a great idea, and I hope he makes them an annual event.

But I can’t resist pointing out that if he’d gone to an actual engineering school instead of Cal Tech, he’d probably know what an actual wing nut looks like.

wing nut.jpg

Footnote And isn’t it obvious that someone pretending to be a testosterone-poisoned man, and who writes a long screed on “The Pussification of the Western Male” under the pseudonym “Kim du Toit” must actually be a feminist satirist? I suspect Lindsay Beyerstein.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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