Comparative Presidential job ratings

The WSJ has a fascinating graphic.

Orin Kerr points to this fascinating graphic from the Wall Street Journal.


Takeaway points:

1. Mostly the trend is down. Bill Clinton is the only President to finish with a higher rating than he started with.

2. Clinton also had the highest final rating, followed by Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan.

3. Kennedy and Eisenhower had the highest bottoms, but Clinton was next, followed by a three-way tie of LBJ (!), Ford, and Reagan.

The personal favorable-unfavorable numbers would tell a different story, but in political terms it’s hard to see how he myth of the popular Reagan and the unpopular Clinton sustains itself.

The cheerful thought for Democrats is that GWB has a year and a half to try to match or beat the distinction shared by Truman and Nixon of getting into the low 20s. Finally, something this astonishingly omni-incompetent loser might excel at!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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