CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll: Bush battered

These results are so astonishingly bad for Bush I wonder if Gallup drew a bad sample:

In a match-up with Kerry, Bush has gone from eight points up to seven points down, with Kerry leading 53-46. He’s lost smaller but comparable amounts of grond against Edwards (who is now leading by 1), Clark (now down 3) and even Dean (now down 7).

Bush’s job approval is at an all-time low, net positive 1 (49-48), compared to a net positive 9 (53-44) three weeks ago.

Even worse for Bush, his personal popularity, which tends to be less volatile and which has been his ace in the hole, is also plunging. Three weeks ago, his net favorable-unfavorable was a healthy 30, 65-35. Now it’s down to 5, 52-47. Kerry, by contrast, is at a much happier 61-23. Of the Democrats, only Dean has comparable unfavorability.

The Democratic Party is now viewed much more favorably, at +25 (59-34) [up from +3 (47-44) three weeks ago] than the Republicans, at+3 (48- 45), down from +12 (52-40) a month ago.

Again, this could be a funny sample, but if it isn’t this could get to be a very interesting election.

Update: A reader points me to this Quinnipiac poll, showing virtually identical results.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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