4 thoughts on “Climate Change Adaptation the View from the LSE”

  1. “A surprising number of environmentalists view men and women as helpless doomed individuals who will be knocked out by Mother Nature. ”
    Some will fare better than others. It is a fact that many men and women are doomed and helpless individuals when it comes to droughts, floods, rising sea levels, or hurricanes. Denying this reality isn’t optimism, it is wishful thinking. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. For instance, I’m optimistic that we can severely curb carbon emissions through government regulation, with marginal negative effects on growth. Heck, simply limiting trade with China or any other country engaged in dirty energy production would probably do wonders for domestic manufacturing.

  2. “Heathrow is a nice airport. It is nicer than LAX and JFK and maybe as nice as Beijing’s. ”

    OK, this is a joke, right? Heathrow is among the very worst in the developed world according to most surveys. Delays are off the charts, connecting flights are routinely missed due to long lines at the security checkpoints when changing terminals, etc. I used to sometimes go through Heathrow on the way to Europe, but now try to avoid it whenever possible after missing 3 out of 4 connecting flights in a row. Worse than JFK, about as bad as Paris (!), and much worse than Beijing.

    Maybe Heathrow works somewhat when your trip starts or terminates in London. But for connecting flights, it is hell. Use Amsterdam whenever you can.

  3. Maybe Heathrow works somewhat when your trip starts or terminates in London.

    Not in my experience. Last time I landed there it was still more than 45 minutes before I could access a toilet (after the plane had been circuiting for an hour).

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