Clark’s speech and the need for a national-security 527

Lots of senior members of the military and civilian national security establishment think that GWB is bad for national security. We need to get them out on the stump and on TV making that point.

I have to agree with Kevin on this one. Clark nailed it.

Here’s a sample:

The safety of our country demands urgent and innovative measures to strengthen our armed forces. The safety of our country demands credible intelligence. The safety of our country demands cooperation with our allies. The safety of our country demands making more friends and fewer enemies. The safety of our country demands an end to the doctrinaire, ineffective policies that currently grip Washington.

Enough is enough!

We really need a 527 devoted to getting top retired military and civilian national-security folks out there on the stump and on TV spreading the message that the current policies have made and are making this country radically less safe and less capable of defending itself and working its will in the world.

Getting the talent is no problem; the discontent is out there, some of it in places you wouldn’t expect.

If you agree, send me a note; but expect to be asked to back your opinion with cash.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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