Clark passing Kerry in NH?

A New Hampshire TV station reports that a poll conducted for another campaign shows that Clark has passed Kerry and is now in second place in New Hampshire. The ARG tracking poll doesn’t agree, showing Kerry up by 2.

[Update Tuesday’s ARG numbers have Clark up two, tied with Kerry. That’s a three-day moving average, suggesting a fairly large jump for Clark on the most recent day of polling.]

If Clark were to move clearly ahead of Kerry, he might become a magnet for some otherwise uncommitted non-Dean voters.

Update: Josh Marshall agrees, speculating on a possible “tipping point.” The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup numbers also seem encouraging for Clark; he has closed to within four points of Dean among Democrats nationally, and has the only net favorable rating among the Democratic candidates.

By the way, doesn’t that last fact make it obvious what a horrible idea these nine-man’s-Morris debates have turned out to be?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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