Chalabi watch

Looks as if Ahmed Chalabi is out of fashion in Washington. I just hope dumping him doesn’t turn out to be as bad a mistake as listening to him turned out to be.

Looks as if Chalabi is getting cut out: not because he provided bogus “intelligence” or because he violated the law by spending Congressionally appropriated funds to lobby for a war he thought would put him in power, but because he doesn’t actually command much support back home.

And it looks as if he’s not happy.

I wonder if Chalabi is right that following the Brahimi plan would violate the transitional law? And I wonder if anyone cares. I also wonder whether Chalabi is actually as close to Sistani as he’s tried to appear to be, and whether cutting him out now could be as bad a mistake as cutting him in earlier.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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