Census Lawsuit Update

From this story in the NYT:

The U.S. Supreme Court late on Tuesday temporarily blocked an order forcing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to be questioned this week by lawyers for states suing over his decision to ask respondents to the 2020 census whether they are citizens.

In a brief order issued on Tuesday night, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg put the looming depositions of Ross and a top Justice Department official, John Gore, on hold while the high court further considers the government’s request to shield the officials from questioning.

A New York-based federal appeals court rejected the government’s bid to stop the depositions earlier on Tuesday. Gore’s deposition was scheduled for Wednesday morning, while Ross was to be questioned on Thursday.

I haven’t been able to locate the actual order, which may have little of substance in any event.  However, I have uploaded the Trump Administration’s “Renewed Application for a Stay” which was granted pursuant to the order.