Castle not endorsing O’Donnell

I’ve been wondering at what point the sane people in the Republican Party were going to decide to stop letting themselves be used by the wingnuts. That seems to have started to happen.

Update Karl Rove – Karl Rove! – thinks that O’Donnell lacks the “rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character” requisite for office. That’s like Bernie Madoff saying someone lacks financial integrity. I think the technical term is “being called ugly by a wart hog.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “Castle not endorsing O’Donnell”

  1. I think here the apposite phrase is more like "no honor among thieves". It is in Rove's interest for people who are part of his organization to win, but it is also in his interest for people who aren't part of his organization to lose. This is, in small, an expression of the same kind of calculation that has led mainstream republicans to sabotage the government for political advantage.

  2. Karl Rove is a putz – a lying, less than moral creature who would truly blossom into a turd! He would be doing our natio a favor by crawling back under the rock he came from!

  3. I think Paul has a good point. I'd also note that a trait shared by Republicans who suddenly find themselves capable of speaking sanely about the more… colorful direction their party has taken is that they seem to discover their voices once they find themselves out of a job.

    If there is indeed correlation there, it doesn't bode well for there being a turning of the tide.

  4. As a voter I feel that I'm being manipulated by the Center Aisle Party, and I resent it deeply. Would Harry Reid have a sliver of a chance against anyone but Sharon Angle?

    There's nothing whatsoever in the performance of Obama — aside from grammatically correct speech — which would recommend his performance, or that of his bumbling, corrupt Party, to anyone, who genuinely cared about the future of the country. And, yet, we are "encouraged" to support the Democrats, to avoid the greater evil.

    This isn't democracy; it's extortion.

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