Careful-what-you-wish-for Dep’t

Do we really want to live in a country where the money men can force the winner of a Senate primary to withdraw?

Of course I’m delighted that Todd Akin put his foot in his mouth about abortion, that the GOP establishment is running away from him, and that the result is to get the theocrats mad at the plutocrats. All good, clean fun.

But if it’s really true that the NRSC and Karl Rove have the power, by threatening to withhold money, to force the winner of a statewide primary to drop out of the race, that’s much worse for American politics than some stupid misogyny backed by bad science.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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    1. I didn’t get that either. Maybe Mark means it’s worse because Rove is at least an intelligent person? But then, how to explain Romney’s campaign?

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